Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Warehouse Management Functionality in Dynamics AX 2012 R3

With the release of Dynamics AX 2012 R3, full warehouse management and transportation management will be incorporated into the core AX product. Some of the key elements of the new warehouse management functionality are outlined below.
Integrated Data Collection / Bar-Coding
One of the most notable benefits of the new functionality will be the ability to utilize hand-held data collection devices (bar-code scanners) without the need to purchase 3rd party software. This, of course, allows workers in the warehouse and on the production floor to gain real-time access to Dynamics AX. The bar-coding devices will support purchasing and receiving processes, inventory adjustments, transfers, and stock counts, issuing materials to production orders and reporting production as finished, as well as the pick, pack, and ship process.
Workflow and Process Optimization
Warehouse management functionality does, of course, go beyond simple handheld data collection. Dynamics AX will now support configurable workflows. These workflows can be used to optimize the receiving and put-away processes, as well as the picking, packing, and loading of goods for delivery to customers.
License Plate Numbers
Dynamics AX will now support full License Plate Control, whereby pallets / containers can be assigned a unique license plate number. When receiving or putting away an item, items can be assigned to a specific license plate (i.e. to a specific container / pallet). Then, when that container or pallet is transferred, shipped, or received at a new location, the user need only indicate which license plate is being moved, and all of the items stored on that container/pallet will be updated as well, without having to individually identify them.

Article Source ERP Software Blog